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The South African Digital Content Organisation (SADICO) and TechPozi are boldly pioneering the establishment of SADICO Youth Digital eXponential (YDx) initiative, a project that has been under development with various communities and partners since 2010.

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Announcing, the Youth Digital eXponential Initiative to empower unemployed youth with Digital Technology and 4th Industrial Revolution Skills (both Theory and Practice). and 4th Industrial Revolution Skills. This platform has been created to service all the co-oparatives that have been created and are being incubated in the TechPozi brand.

It seeks to assist all TechPozi’s with services like purchasing of stock, marketing and business support and alot more. If you are a your TechPozi’s Transactional memeber kindly take time to familiarise yourself with this portal as ii an important tool for your success.

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The TechPozi deployment also responds to the need for services in deep rural areas. For this purpose, the TechPozi team is working with the youth to develop TechPozi outlets to serve the needs of the rural communities, right at their door step.

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TechPozi looks to empower young South Africans to start and run their own businesses in their communities, creating wealth and encourage township economies ran by the youth.


The TechPozi outlet location is one of the most important determinants of our Co-OP’s success. The cost of location development, Instore setup costs, transpostation and logistics, rents, rates and other operating charges represent a major financial element for us as a brand.

The relative inflexibility of investment in locations and their respective circumstances, particularly arising from rental and set-up costs, leads to locations being amongst the most long-term decisions to be undertaken by TechPozi and all it’s prospective outlets.

As such it finds a central place in our strategy, both as a resource and in its function as the final point of distribution as well as a service point.

This touch point provides consumers with access to products and services. More specifically, our TechPozi outlets need to be designed and located to meet both our consumer needs but also suit the located needs and situation (As per our initial experience at the Mdanstane set-up), through our market segmentation strategy, and gain competitive advantage.

Our location strategy will determine other property location decisions extending back into the supply chain through the siting of our locations and distribution channels.


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